5 Qualities of a Good Insurance Agent

insurance agents

Buying life insurance, health insurance, Medicare Insurance, Medigap or any policy for that matter, is not simply striding inside an insurance company and placing your money down. It requires a process and most people seek the aid of an insurance agent to secure a policy. In order that you get the best insurance plan there is, make sure that you’re working with an insurance agent that possesses these qualities:


1. Knowledgeable


Insurance language can be hard to understand. Going through a policy can be daunting even for ardent readers. Agents, meanwhile, are tasked to clearly explain what the policy entails in a language that you can easily comprehend. Now, he can only do this if he has a wide knowledge not just about the product his selling, but about the nature of insurance business as a whole.


Good insurance agents always strive to be informed. They constantly keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the insurance field, laws surrounding insurance policies as well as current financial trends. They do this not just to impress, but to provide better service to their customers.


2. Integrity


Insurance agents strive to sell in order to earn a commission, but a good one doesn’t put this on top of his priorities. If an agent has integrity, he will put the interest of his client first at all times. That can mean selling a policy with a lower monetary return on his end just because it is best suited for his client’s requirements.


Agents who are honest are likely to earn the trust of many people. As a result, they will stay longer in the business as opposed to the ones who are only driven by dollar signs. When you are buying a policy, make sure that your agents’ aim is to provide you with a comprehensive insurance coverage and not just to earn a commission.


3. Good listener


Agents are trained to persuade you with their words, but a good one knows when to keep quiet and how to pay close attention to what you’re saying. If an agent doesn’t know how to listen, how can he possibly find the policy that’s fitted for your requirements?


Good people skills are like tailored into good agents and this includes having the ability to empathize with his clients. More so, a good agent takes note of the little details that you disclose so that he can find the best insurance plan for you.


4. Persistent but not pesky


Insurance agents sell. That explains their persistent nature. However, a good agent knows how when to accept no for an answer. More so, he knows how to handle rejection with grace and ease—knowing that it’s part of the job that he signed up for.


Good insurance agents know when to stop and not to overdo their sales talk. They know that this can be extremely infuriating and can even drive potential clients away.


5. Readily available


An agent’s job doesn’t end once he sold a policy. It goes beyond that—even until the time that you need to make a claim. Should you need the assistance of your agent, be sure that he’s available to accept your calls and attend to your inquiries. One characteristic of a good insurance agent is his availability to accommodate his clients’ concerns regarding their insurance policy.


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